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04 September 2018

New! Import new versions of a script with Screenplay Sync

Sync new versions of a script without losing any of your project’s progress.

Just import a new version of a screenplay, compare the differences and apply the changes.

After importing the new script, your project’s shooting schedules, breakdowns, and shot lists will stay intact so you can continue working without losing a beat.

Need to roll back to the previous script version? You can do that too.

Check out the video below to see it in action, and learn essential script formatting best practices to ensure a smooth import.

New Features

  • On the Stripboard and Shot List page, you can now select "no estimated time"
  • Various performance improvements


  • You can more easily select text on the Shoot Locations page.
  • Various script parsing improvements

Learn how to format your script properly and import new versions into a project


28 August 2018

New! Comments Sidebar with Approvals – Collaboration and approvals just got easier.

Invite collaborators to view, comment, and provide feedback on shot lists, stripboards, breakdowns, scripts and many other pages. 

Easily mark comments as completed when addressed.

All page-wide comments will be aggregated on a project's Overview page for quick review, replies and completion.

New Features

  • Threaded commenting on pages
  • Duplicate shot lists and groups
  • When sharing sides with collaborators, you can now set default filters (i.e. by cast, scenes, or shoot days)
  • We now send emails when new comments or replies are posted on task cards


  • Toggle page breaks on reports and sides
  • Custom breakdown categories are now preserved when you reimport a script
  • We now display collaborator avatars in the comments sidebar (know who has access)

Learn about our latest feature to help streamline the client approval process


14 August 2018

New! Introducing Scenewriting – You can now edit scene scripts right on the stripboard page. With industry-standard script formatting, it's very easy to make quick scene revisions on-the-fly.

Various Stripboard Enhancements – We've reworked the architecture of the stripboard so it works faster and smarter.

New Features

  • Customize stripboard columns
  • New stripboard columns: prep time, shoot time, estimated time, start time
  • Assign multiple shoot locations to scene strip
  • Can now toggle "Hold" days on DOOD reports
  • Can now toggle page breaks for printing on various reports
  • When spinning off a call sheet from day break, estimated times are auto-added to call sheet


  • More coming soon!

Check out the latest updates on shooting schedules


7 August 2018

New! Generate Script Sides in Seconds – On the shooting script page, you can now filter by scenes or cast. If you've added daybreaks, you can filter by shoot day as well. Share, print, save PDF. Watch the video tour below, or learn more here.

New Features

  • Generate script sides on the Shooting Script page. 
  • Filter by scene, cast, and shoot day
  • Show tagged elements


  • Addressed issue where stripboard banner text was not centered on PDFs
  • Fixed auto-reorder logic on stripboard
  • Various performance updates for stripboards

Take a tour of the new script sides feature


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