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Modern production planning is here. Shoots are messy, calendars shouldn’t be. Seamlessly integrated into the world’s leading video, TV & film production management software.  All-in-one. All in here.

Photo and Film Production Calendar - StudioBinder Film TV and Video Production Management Solution
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Film, TV and Video Production Calendar - Drag and Drop - StudioBinder Expanded


Blazing fast drag-and-drop interface

Productions change in the blink of an eye. You need a production calendar that can keep up with your changing workflow needs.

Having a timeline (or "gantt") calendar makes it more effective to get a clear, birds-eye perspective of progress and conflicts.

It couldn't be easier. Just click and drag to draw events. Drag the ends to adjust length.

Set it up in minutes, make necessary changes within seconds. With StudioBinder, keep total control over the full production pipeline, customize views, and adapt as needed on the fly.

Film Video Production Production Calendar Trello Asana Workflow Alternative - Gantt Chart - StudioBinder


Add tasks, files, notes, and more

StudioBinder’s powerful project management software keeps your tasks, documents, conversations, and collaborations in one place. As straightforward as it is simple, you'll never have to dig through fragmented emails, files, and notes.

Everything in your production calendar resides right there in the console, in the cloud, from scripts to breakdowns, shot lists to storyboards, shooting schedules to call sheets, and more. Fully adaptable. Fully collaborative.

Film Production Calendar - Filters - StudioBinder


Focus on what matters

Precise filtering tools let you focus on what really matters. Search for your event; hide non-work days; and filter by status, color, crew members, or due dates.

As your productions grow, you can narrow your focus to stay on track. Whether you're looking six months out or just at the day's work, you get to see your entire end-to-end production pipeline. 


See it in action

Take a tour of StudioBinder's production calendar software. Explore a sample calendar here.


"StudioBinder’s production calendars are intuitively designed for film and video professionals on the run. Everything operates off of one main page (where you can even track multiple projects at once). The colorful layout lets you add filters and color codes to keep everything coordinated, organized, and fun.

Jourdan Aldredge_PremiumBeat

Jourdan Aldredge, PremiumBeat

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Gantt Style Production Calendar - Create Custom Templates - StudioBinder Production Management Software


If your calendar's not broken, don't fix it

Save your custom production calendar as a new template so you can apply it to future projects. Or, start with a preset template that fits your needs.

The production calendar feature is perfect for agencies, studios, production companies, or departments with large, regular video outputs.

You’ve already perfected a workflow for your brand. Don't reinvent the wheel for every project.


Connect the production puzzle pieces

Dependencies within StudioBinder’s production calendar enable you to connect events to one another and detect conflicts at a glance.

You can’t shoot anything without a location, and you can't rehearse without a cast. Plan how the puzzle pieces fit together so you're ready.

The software calls out conflicts so your production moves efficiently from one step to the next.

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Film TV and Video Production Calendar - Dependencies - StudioBinder
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Film TV and Video Production Calendar - View Multiple Calendars on Single Page - StudioBinder Production Management Software


Plan for success, one scene at a time

No need to flip between calendars.

You can finally see the timelines of all of your productions on a single page. 

A master calendar to oversee multiples projects in one view.

At a glance, gain insight into how your resources are doing across all projects on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Production Calendar - Events Flying In - StudioBinder Production Management Software

Feature by feature

Built exclusively for production workflows.

Production Calendar - Tasks


Break down production milestones into obtainable checklists and tasks.

Production Calendar - Team

Assign Team

Assign teammates to milestones. Collaborate faster, together, and better. 

Production Calendar - Share with Clients

Share Calendars

Keep clients in the loop with shareable calendars. No accounts required.

Production Calendar - Add Comments and Attachments

Comments and files

Add comments and upload files to projects, from scripts to deal memos and all between.

Production Calendar - Set Status


Set the status for events. Filter by status to get a snapshot of progress and tasks.

Production Calendar - Group Events

Group milestones

Keep organized by grouping events together for a more efficient layout.

Production Calendar - Dependencies and Conflicts

Dependencies and conflicts

Link events to each other for strategic progression through your goals.

Production Calendar - Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Calendars

Create multiple calendars within a project. Swap out default calendars with ease.

Production Calendar - Filter Events


Filter by teammates, colors, status, and due dates to find what you need in a snap.

Production Calendar - Multiple Gantt Calendars on Single Page

Multi-calendar view

View multiple project calendars on a single page to track tandem projects at once.

Production Calendar - Change event colors

Assign colors

Assign colors to make key milestones stand out, just the way you like it.  

Production Calendar - Calendar Templates

Calendar Templates

Speed up calendar workflows with pre-made templates, or customize your own. 


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