Best Alternative to Gorilla Film Production Scheduling Software

StudioBinder is the leading film production software in the industry, and a powerful alternative to Gorilla Film Production Scheduling Software (made by Jungle Software). Read our Gorilla Software review below.

StudioBinder Film Scheduling Software - Stripboarding vs Movie Magic Scheduling

different approaches

Gorilla Software is isolated data entry. StudioBinder is mission control.

The Gorilla 6 Film Production Scheduling Software is a desktop film production solution made by Jungle Software. It provides filmmakers with tools to generate production documents.

Every line of data, no matter how redundant, must be manually entered into breakdown sheets and stored offline — there is no cloud access. This means versioned PDFs are generated and manually distributed.

StudioBinder offers comparable features to Gorilla Scheduling 6 but since it is a modern, cloud-based solution, it's possible to share and collaborate on stripboards, breakdowns and reports, anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, StudioBinder is a Gorilla Software alternative with a more complete offering, extending to shot listing, storyboarding, call sheets, calendars, and more. 

Bottom Line:

Gorilla Scheduling film software is good for isolated data entry.

StudioBinder is a collaborative A-to-Z solution for production teams.

Feature by Feature

Software Features


Gorilla Scheduling Software

Import Scripts (FDX, PDFs, etc)

Script Breakdowns

Stripboard Scheduling

Reports (DOOD, etc)

Contact Management

Call Sheets (Create, Send & Track)

Shot Listing



Script Sides

Production Calendar

Secure File Sharing

Tasks & Collaboration

User Experience

StudioBinder is more robust & intuitive

StudioBinder is known for its modern, intuitive design. Everything is exactly where you'd expect it to be.

No special training is required to begin.

You get a lot of video production management features that Jungle Software's film production scheduling software simply does not provide

Fewer licenses. Quicker results.

Better experience.

StudioBinder Film Production Scheduling Software - Team Collaboration

Gorilla Scheduling Software Alternative

Film scheduling for teams

StudioBinder and the Gorilla Scheduling both offer a "Stripboard" shooting schedule builder. However, the Gorilla film production scheduling software is notoriously difficult to learn and navigate. Furthermore, none of Jungle Software's solutions (including Gorilla 6) are focused on cloud-based collaboration, and require desktop licenses for every user.

StudioBinder's film scheduling is simply easier and better for teams. It accepts Final Draft files, PDFs, Fountain formats and more. Each scene is auto-populated upon import and requires no redundant data entry.

Better Collaboration

Jungle Software's film scheduling software is offline and isolated whereas StudioBinder can be securely shared and accessed from anywhere online.

Share stripboards, get feedback and comments from your team, create tasks and mark them as completed. This alone is a major differentiator since it allows you to collaborate with a wider array of production staff to create more thorough schedules.

Video Tour

Create Shooting Schedules in StudioBinder

Feature by Feature

Scheduling Features


Gorilla Scheduling Software

Script Import

Banners & DayBreaks

Estimated Times




Screenplay Sync

Easy Sharing

Tasks & Comments

Spin-off Call Sheets

View & Edit Screenplay

Synced with Breakdowns, Shot Lists, Call Sheets and more

Interface Comparison

Best Alternative to Jungle Software Gorilla Scheduling Shooting Schedule
StudioBinder Free Shooting Schedule Software - Assign Film Location

Interactive Demo

Baby Driver Stripboard | Made in StudioBinder

Script Breakdowns

Break down scripts faster, together

Gorilla Scheduling 6 offers a script breakdown feature, but it's a far cry from the experience you get with StudioBinder.

Breaking down a script with StudioBinder is much quicker

Quicker Tagging

Gorilla Scheduling Software doesn't have a script breakdown tagging interface, which means you must open a script PDF on your desktop, and manually type in each element in Gorilla.

StudioBinder allows you to view the entire scene script, and simply click-and-drag to tag elements so you always have context.

Quicker Organization

Gorilla Scheduling Software forces you to enter every detail in the script including scene numbers, heading information, location, and set. StudioBinder auto-populates these sections from your script.  

Quicker Collaboration

Gorilla Scheduling Software is offline. Breakdown approvals, and minor adjustments will require in person meetings new PDF versioning to simply review the progress.

StudioBinder is cloud-based and you can share entire breakdowns with remote collaborators with granular access permissions. Since the breakdown is securely shared online, you know everyone's looking at the latest version at any moment.

Video Tour

Create Script Breakdowns in StudioBinder

Feature by Feature

Breakdown Features


Gorilla Scheduling Software

Import Script (FDX, PDF, etc)

Color-coded tagging

Customizable Categories

Various Reports

Visual Script Interface

Click-and-Drag Script Tagger

Predictive Tagging

Tag All Mentions

Scene Notes

Scene Moodboards & Videos

Sharing & Permissions

Tasks & Team Collaboration

Interface Comparison

Best Alternative to Jungle Software Gorilla Scheduling 6 - Script Breakdown
StudioBinder Script Breakdown Software - How to Break Down a Script

Interactive Demo

Baby Driver Script Breakdown | Made in StudioBinder

Call Sheet Creator

Industry call sheets, only with StudioBinder

The Gorilla film production scheduling software does not offer a call sheet builder natively. Jungle Software requires you to purchase and install a separate application titled Koala Call Sheets.

Automated Call Sheets

StudioBinder auto-populates call sheets with data from your stripboard and breakdowns with shoot locations, elements, scenes, advance schedules, and more.  StudioBinder's predictive call sheets save hours of effort with a click, allowing you to fine-tune the call sheet as desired.

Personalized Call Sheets

Call sheets are personalized to every recipient. You can include personalized notes and file attachments like maps and detailed parking instructions. The call sheets are integrated with Google Places and DarkSky Weather APIs to that provide Google Maplinks and up-to-date weather changes.

Send & Track

PDFs are generated and attached to personalized emails along with an RSVP button, and text message reminders. StudioBinder tracks the delivery status, view counts, and RSVPs of every call sheet so you have total visibility to ensure every call sheet is received and opened.

Interface Comparison

The Best Alternative to Jungle Software Gorilla Scheduling Call Sheet
StudioBinder Free Film Call Sheet Software - Sample Call Sheet

Video Tour

Create Call Sheets in StudioBinder

Interactive Demo

"Feature Film" Call Sheet Template

"Photoshoot" Call Sheet Template

Track Delivery Status

Don't Stay in the Dark.
Track Your Call Sheet Delivery.

Call Sheet Confirmation and Distro Sheet - Track Call Sheet Distribution with StudioBinder

The call sheet solution saves our team a lot of time. We had issues with freelancers using different operating systems with our previously used templates. This makes everything easy for the crew."

Amy Skerkoski, Production Lead at Spotify

Shot Lists & Storyboards

Shot lists and storyboards, only with StudioBinder

Gorilla film production scheduling software does not have a full-featured shot list solution. This means you'll need a separate application to plan, describe, and carry out creative goals during pre-production and on set.

Since the scheduling of your production can be dramatically affected by the estimated prep and shoot times of shot lists, we've seamlessly woven in shot listing into the scheduling functionality.

Collaborate Better

Invite directors, DP's (or anyone) to collaborate on shot lists. Select from over 70+ unique shot specs (or input your own). Upload references images, preview scene scripts, and share storyboards with a click.

Schedule Better

Estimate the prep and shoot times for every shot. Group them into setups to track total time needed, and ensure you can make your days.

Video Tour

Create shot lists and storyboards in StudioBinder


Jungle Software Gorilla 6 vs. StudioBinder - Image List Shot List Creator
StudioBinder Free Shot List Software - How to Make a Shot List - New Shot List
Jungle Software Gorilla 6 vs. StudioBinder - How to Make a Shot List
StudioBinder Free Shot List Software - How to Make a Shot List - Edit Shot List

Interactive Demo


Production Calendar

The Gorilla film production scheduling software does not give you the ability to build Gantt Charts, and their calendar focuses purely on shooting rather than your entire production company. 

Better Layout

The Gorilla film production scheduling software calendar layout is limited, and does not provide a workflow tab to track and sort events, or dependencies that inform your order of operations. You also cannot add individual tasks to your events.

StudioBinder gives you multiple layout options. 

Better Versioning

The Gorilla film production scheduling software makes it difficult to create and navigate multiple versions of your calendar, which means fewer options for your game plans.

StudioBinder lets you build new versions and templates with one click.

Better Collaboration

The Gorilla film production scheduling software doesn't allow you to leave comments, create tasks, attach media files, or assign team members to your events. StudioBinder gives you all of this and more. 

Feature by Feature

Calendar Features


Gorilla Scheduling

Color Labels

Create Events

Set Working days

Media Attachments

Event Comments

Event Tasks

Workflow Tab

Event Dependencies

Save Template

New Version

Interface Comparison

Best Alternative to Jungle Software Gorilla Scheduling - Production Calendar
StudioBinder Free Production Calendar Software and Gantt Chart for Filmmakers

Interactive Demo

Touring Man Production Calendar | Made in StudioBinder

Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting solution, only with StudioBinder

Celtx provides a free scriptwriting solution that's both collaborative, but the user experience doesn't come close to StudioBinder's screenwriting software.

Industry Standard Format

Celtx Studio shot lists and storyboards give you fewer opportunities to describe and plan your creative goals. Sections can't be customized to your desires. Our shots lists allow you to create setups and estimated times for each shot.

Collaborative Screenwriting

Celtx shot lists and storyboards have smaller view windows when working on your boards. Also, Celtx Studio limits your ability to change aspect ratios, page layout, custom numbering, or to quickly rearrange frames on your storyboards. 

User Friendly Experience

Celtx Studio shots listing forces you to link shots to specific moments in your scripts and their storyboards are disconnected from your scenes. Our shot lists and storyboards automatically calculate the estimated times you add to each shot or setup, giving you an accurate timeframe for each on the day. 

Interactive Demo

Touring Man Screenplay in StudioBinder

Contact Management

Contact manager, only with StudioBinder

Gorilla film production scheduling software does not have a contact management feature.

This means you'll need a Gorilla Scheduling alternative to organize contacts like talent, crew, clients, extras, location managers, etc.

StudioBinder provides a master contact book where details are stored securely from each and every project you produce. Easily reassign existing contacts to new projects with just a few clicks.

Also, StudioBinder's integrated messaging system helps you send styled production updates that feature your production or company letterhead. 

File Management

File sharing, only with StudioBinder

Gorilla film production software does not provide shareable file storage. 

StudioBinder offers a robust media library and file storage feature.

This means you'll need to use yet another software to securely upload and preview deal memos, financial documents, permits, invoices, headshots, etc.

View, crop, and rotate files all within StudioBinder. You can also invite your team to shared folders, where they can add and edit files together. Use comments to gather file specific feedback.

A major part of production is document and media management. Something you only get with StudioBinder.

Tasks & Calendars

Collaborate in context

Gorilla Scheduling is a single-serve software that is isolated to offline use.

StudioBinder provides a sidebar on every page to create tasks in context. We think it's more valuable for team members to see (and check off ) tasks while on the relevant page (e.g. call sheet, stripboard, breakdown, etc.).

StudioBinder aggregates all of the tasks in a unified, kanban-style task board where the stage and status of tasks are neatly organized into columns.

Celtx Studio vs StudioBinder Film TV & Video Production Project Management Software - Film Project Management Expanded View


Flexible pricing

StudioBinder offers monthly or annual pricing plan in case you’d like to pay once every twelve months. Pay for the whole year and get a discounted rate.

How about another perk for going annual?

Like any company, our pricing may change as StudioBinder’s feature set evolves and improves. When you purchase an annual plan, you’ll be locking in your current discounted rate for the next 12 months.


Why go with an alternative to Gorilla Film Scheduling Software?

The short version?

StudioBinder is a modern Gorilla Software alternative. It's better choice for studios and production companies who want a more intuitive all-in-one solution to collaborate on projects.

You’ll have better status tracking. Stress-free call sheets, creative tools like shot lists and moodboards, better task workflows, project management, total integration, all built to elevate your team’s productivity.


StudioBinder is best if…

  • You want quick and accurate breakdowns & scheduling
  • You want online collaboration with an A-to-Z solution
  • You want highly integrated functionality between features

Gorilla Software may be a better choice when…

  • You want an isolated offline experience
  • You don’t need more than breakdowns and schedules 
  • Film project management and communication are not a priority


Trusted by the Best

Modernizing production workflows at renowned studios worldwide.

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Jupiter Entertainment Uses StudioBinder's Video, TV & Film Production Management Software
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The best alternative to Gorilla film production scheduling software

Import scripts and reorder scenes to make a schedule. Add day breaks to mark shoot days. Spin-off call sheets when you're done.

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